Our founders have a century of business experience among them — building strategies, enabling transformations while changing models and driving business results. We don’t just talk a good game; we have been there, done it, and we have the track record, scars and results to prove it. We don’t have our founders sell you only to hand you over to apprentices and junior staff to work with you once a contract is signed; with Brain+Trust, you get experienced, senior minds and strategies every moment we are working together.


Our experience has gifted Brain+Trust with an extensive network of top thinkers and innovators from across the business world across a multitude of industries — from people who’ve led programs at major corporations, to the people who are inventing the very technologies that will change your business. Our network includes hundreds of leading minds whose insight is at our disposal along with project consultants, freelancers, and subject matter experts. Whatever your opportunity may require, we have the experience and competency to help you realize success.

Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

Your budget may be finite, and we know that every expense matters. You don’t want to assume the burden of a consultant’s’ overhead: office space, administrative and the salaries of a consulting behemoth’s leadership above the consultants who work with you. With Brain+Trust, you’re not paying for perks and fixed costs — you’re paying for the insight and expertise you need to operate with confidence.


Every one of us in the Brain+Trust family have hired prior consultants, agencies and contractors in our own careers, and we know how frustrating it can be to be treated as just another contract. The is not Brain+Trust. Your success is our success —  we will bring the same dedication, commitment, drive, and passion to your business as we do to our own.